06 April 2009

Update from the tundra

Our second German kid is home with her parents for a visit. We've been having a lovely time forgetting to bring the camera wherever we go. Their flight was nearly an hour early, which did them (and us) no good whatsoever as they waited on the tarmac an hour for an open gate. They scooted through customs and we got underway for home about 6:30 as we'd originally planned. We stopped for supper on the way home and pulled in about 11. Saturday we puttered around the house and town, then took in Thing 3's middle school musical. It was cute and middle-schooly, and hard to translate, but they seemed to enjoy the singing.
After the show, we stopped for happy hour with the in-laws, then came home for German Mom to make us a wonderful supper. She made goulash. Around here, goulash, also known as hamburger hotdish, is usually a concoction of ground beef, tomatoes or sauce, and macaroni. I grew up with veggie-free goulash, iPastor insists it has peas. Some folks add cheese, others, no. Traditional, usually Hungarian, goulash is a spicy beef dish with lots of paprika. Hers was none of these, but a wonderful amalgamation of pork, beef, pickles and veggies over boiled potatoes. So, just like anywhere else in the world, everyone's mama has their own recipe for things.
Yesterday was Easter brunch at our church, and an egg hunt, moved indoors because of the two-inches of plagueslushy snow we got Saturday night. It was thankfully gone by sundown, but disheartening nonetheless. German Mom made pork schnitzel with an awesome salad Sunday night and I am considering not letting her go home.
Tonight we go out with family for supper, and tomorrow the travellers head to Chicago for a Bull's game and a couple days of sightseeing before Easter. I will work on sub plans for post Easter travel to the Black Hills.

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