03 November 2009

Another little moment of win!

My six-year-old was reading his Beginner's Bible tonight. I heard him reading aloud and poked my head in to inquire. He said he was reading to the cats. He invited me to sit down and read it together, so I had him read to me. It was the story of Moses parting the Red Sea. The only word I had to help him with was Pharaoh. Then he wanted to show me a particular picture, and started flipping pages. He passed a picture of the nativity and exclaimed on the way by, "Hey, it's the New Testament." For all the nagging and fidgeting this poor kid endures, it's good to know he's picking it up on his own. I concentrate so hard on the behavior sometimes I miss the message. Good thing he doesn't.

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BOSSY said...

Pharaoh. Yeah, that's a tough one. Should be Fair-oh.