08 November 2009


I watched with interest the shenanigans as the US House of Representatives debated and eventually passed the HCR bill last night. Between all the grandstanding and gladhanding, its surprising either party had any time for legislating. Of the three Reps from my own state I was able to track, one blithered incoherently, one snarked about the Stupek ammendment though the majority of the state is pro-life, and the one from my own district voted AGAINST his constituency.
The one moment of levity I got was from a brief exchange. I don't remember who the (R) rep was, but he was stickling on the rules.
Rep. Whatshisname: "Does the chairman know where the actual document is so we can (I forget what he said) it according to the rules?"

Chair: "The clerk has possession of that document.".
RW: "So I'll take that as a no."

The baffled look on the face of the chairman was the only thing to smile about all night.
We need health care reform in this nation, and desperately. We don't need one party refusing to play while the other tries to railroad a bloated bill just because it can.

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