21 December 2014

Good intentions renewed!

As I tick projects off my list, I am renewing my own focus on reading and writing for pleasure.  Nora over at Chez Pez unwittingly tipped me off to Think Kit, so I joined the party late, but will use the prompts to kickstart my own narcissistic writing efforts!

First prompt:

A Thousand Words
Nothing like a strict word count to kick off our month of blogging...just kidding! Share your year in photos. Was there a moment of unrestrained happiness? An unexpected encounter? What role do photos play in your life – were you more selective with your phone (er...camera) this year? Or are you the King of Selfies? Dig into the deeper meaning of a moment frozen in time.

Although it was only two weeks of the year, we focused our time, energy and finances on a family trip to Scotland and Holland this summer.  As I mentioned previously, I didn't take many photos, but the rest of the family especially my husband and my daughter's boyfriend, really came through.  After a security check, I'll link our Flickr album.  Another project will be going in and tagging and captioning the photos, so if you're confused, check back later and your questions may be answered. Also, the photos are in no logical order, as they came from several sources.  

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