27 December 2014

Making do...

Today's prompt:  Time to show off your handiwork: what did you make this year? 

Seriously, the only thing I'm really good at making is a mess.  I'm secretly very jealous of crafty folk. I've tried knitting; my stitches get too tense and tight.  I think I crocheted once.  Maybe I could handle that.  I managed to spray paint a frame without ruining anything.  I did find a latch hook when I was cleaning a couple weeks ago.  Maybe I could hook an obnoxious rainbow rug.  
I did make a few resolutions, some of which I actually kept for a while.  Nothing really earth shattering, just stuff like paring down my junk mail by actually unsubscribing from emails every once in a while rather than just trashing them.  
I manage to make do pretty well.  I'm good at using something slightly akilter from its original purpose, or getting by with worn or slightly damaged items that still work.  I've been using a three-legged stainless electric frying pan for years, not because I'm some kind of martyr, but because those things rock, and they're hard to find.  Ugly end tables and worn out chairs are still quite sturdy and useful; a little wood glue and a comfy blanket hide many ills.  So, that's what I make.  I make do.  

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