17 December 2007

Language development

Thing 1 has developed a starnge language tic. She and her friends have taken to using words with -ness. Sometimes it works: "Mom, check out my awesomeness" Sometimes not so much: "We had a great time. Massive funness." I was in the tub, and she came bursting into the room (as per usual, privacy is elusive). I expressed my annoyance, and she exclaimed with her usual enthusiasm, "Mom, I have to pee right now! I have peeness!!!!"
Then she realized what she said.
Somedays being a parent is sheer joyness.


Cliff said...

She would have experienced extreme wetness had I been the one in the tub.

MamaMichelsBabies said...

That phenomenon has reached that far out? Boom and Meathead (more Boom) drive me batty with it.. as well as everything being "random" including myself.

At least it's better then "That's Hot" Yuck.

Mommy said...

Hmmm. We have not had that phenomenon in our home.

J-dogg and Sair usually stick to running a word into the ground.

That is so GHETTO!
I love Mac N' Cheese, it's so BALLER.

In my day it was "Totally!"

like WOW man. awesome.