14 December 2007

Still here

I have not fallen from the face of the planet. Finals crunch is upon me, and I am cranking out the papers and projects. Job 1 and 2 are at busy restaurants with lots of Christmas parties and I've been working most of them.
I have been collecting lots of bloggable tidbits for you, and tucking some away for Blog 365. Now I need to be off and about my business. I'll try to poke my head up for air this weekend.


Cliff said...

We await the composition. Don't forget to compare and contrast for extra credit on # 10.
I wanted you to know that you were correct. My charger turned up only after Marilyn had stopped in Omaha and purchased a $30 replacement.

MamaMichelsBabies said...

Good to know the tree didnt fall on you.. or Santa abducted you.. these holidays are killer no?

365? Yeah... I think Noplablomo warped your mind hun, come to the cities and we will drink until it's either unwarped or mush.