04 December 2007


The first snow of the season arrived here on December 1, which, I suppose, is nothing to complain about. There were warnings and forebodings, and cancellations galore, but I think we only got 4-5". I begged off work Saturday night more for the hassle factor than higway conditions. Why take the time and effort to go in and wait on no-one? I am a bit self-serving, after all. I did manage to get stuck for the first time travelling 3 blocks to pick up a kid who hadn't sense enough to come home. It was about 4:14, not quite dark enough for headlights to make much difference, and not light enough for really good visibility. I drove right into a heap the county and city snowplows had left smack in the middle of the road. Had the light been better, I would have seen it there, but as it was I had no idea it was there until my car stopped moving. Luckily enough, other neighbors were adventurous (read: damn fools) enough to be out and about as well, and they passed word ala a game of telephone back to a neighbor at the corner store with a chain who had me out in less than five minutes (I LOVE small towns!). (For extra credit, diagram that sentence) Here we have a lovely little exercise in revision for clarity, but I'm not playing today. Other than that, I only had to shovel the plow rut behind the vehicles (do we see a theme here?)
Anyone else see this today? We may not all have 500 pounds to lose, but her views on blind acceptance are right on the money.
One last thing, I am truly insane. Michel, I double dog dare you...


Mommy said...

No you didn't! 365? I think I would lose my mind!

Cliff said...

Yippee!!! Your blog is fixed.
I've read down a bit. Sorry about getting stuck. If I had been there I would have,, well, I would have called someone to help you. I hate getting my hands cold.
Conundrum: two Catholic Sisters beating on the same musical instrument.

MamaMichelsBabies said...

Oh no.. I'm not getting dragged into that insanity! Your really wanting to lose your mind aren't you? I'm lucky to shower everyday.. if I spent that time blogging I think my husband would divorce my sticky self! ;) Goodness... hey, check your email, I sent ya a note.