09 October 2008

Another one for file "C"

We get the kids off to the bus very early here. They get breakfsat at school, but I try to have something quick to tide them over on the bus. On Thing 4's off days, I feed him right away, but I usually wait and eat more of a brunch to hold me over until after school. Thing 4 is a grazer, however, so I try to offer him some of whatever I'm having. He wasn't interested today, but he came back a couple minutes later:

"I would like some bacon that you can cook."
"Maybe daddy will make you bacon for lunch."
"Daddy sucks at cooking bacon."

I daresay iPastor is a better cook than me. I pointed this out to the Thing, but not before I dang near snorted my tea through my nose.


DFTF said...

How could daddy mess up bacon? I hate cooking bacon. The bacon smoke makes me sneeze, and then my clothes smell all day long. I don't mind eating it, though! :-)

Anonymous said...

For the record, I do NOT suck at cooking bacon... or much else for that matter. Gonna have to talk to that boy...