06 October 2008

Rolling along

Got through the first choir concert of the year (blissfully short!) and parent meeting for the choir trip fundraiser. Love to hear the kids sing, but all the other BS is a pain. The fall concert is fine, but at Christmas, they combine the choirs and bands and it is a mess, with teardown and setup between each group that takes longer than the concert. Yuck. Two hour marathon...
The next fundraiser is "Evening in Italy." Guess who's emcee? Cliff, send me some jokes!

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Cliff said...

Since I'm in the period where my kids are out and the grand kids are just starting the program deal, it's been nice. The seats in our local auditorium are 45 minutes seats and a lot of the programs were the 2 hour type you describe. One always needed to take a hankie. The seats, not the program , would bring a tear to your eye.
Emmcee eh? I've been reading here long enough to know you won't need help.