23 October 2008

The siding crew is here!

The gaping hole in the checkbook is being plugged with shiny, white, vinyl siding. Rock!
One of the siding crew actually speaks English. Bonus!
Now If I can just get all the cats into their trailer before they leave...


Cliff said...

New Siding! Now that's big news. We have done that and it is so much fun. Well except the part about the money.
Marilyn and I would spend one night a week at the laundromat when we were dating in college. Town of 800 people. I laughed at your kids not liking that.

Ralph said...

New siding and an English bonus - sounds like things are good. Your 'How Come" post a few posts down really made me laugh. I use to be that exact same way.

Scarlet said...

Let me know if you need help with Spanish. ;)