10 May 2009

Mother's Day!

Most folks would think that doing yard work on Mother's Day is some sort of heresy. I, however, was glad to be home for the day with no plans and no agenda. Once the lawn finally started greening in, we had plans or commitments every afternoon and evening, so I didn't have a chance to mow until today, and it was plenty thick and green. I opted to bag, and the darn thing needed to be emptied after every two passes or so. The more I mowed, the more crap I found in the yard, even though I thought we'd gotten it picked up. I also stopped for an hour or so to tackle the jungle on the SW corner of our lot. We are the proud owners of a concrete outhouse pit, dug by the WPA for part of their economic stimulus projects back in the thirties. The outhouse finally came out a couple years ago. We filled the pit part way with sand, and have been dumping compost in as we go The plan is to get some good dirt for a bulb bed. We also took down a tree a couple years ago, but the noxious vines that grow back there have not let go. I finally managed to kill them off last fall, but now comes the task of digging, hacking and yanking all the dead vines and volunteer trees.

I decided to set a goal to finish one side of the pit, otherwise the prospect was overwhelming. We got it done, and dragged the brush to the compost site (too big to throw in). Then the neighbor kids came and buried an unfortunate kitten behind their shed, leaving the tulip there.

As we went along, I also had the kids pile up brush. We had several stacks going after the big storm last summer, but it was time to cull. We stacked it all in one spot, which now stands taller than me, and we are all set for summer bonfire season. Bring a cooler and a lawn chair.


Cliff said...

Hi Gette, I can smell the smoke from down here. Nice to get stuff done isn't it.
If you two get together for karaoke again I'd drive quite a ways to witness that event.

Ralph said...

Looks like you had a productive day and were able to get some things done you wanted to.