23 May 2009

My commute

Poking my head in here so you all know I'm alive and kicking. Although I do write lovely things in my head to post here, they're usually gone by the time I get to a keyboard. I'm much more active, albeit quite short and pithy, on facebook and twitter. Such is life, I guess. Feel free to "friend" or follow me (that was fun to write) there for more frequent updates, but I do plan to keep this joint open for when I get the hankerin' to crank out some text.
A couple weeks ago, iPastor gave in to the techno bug and got us fancy, newfangled phones with cameras, internet, and the whole nine yards. It was a twofer deal, so I know have a phone I thought I'd never need, yet to which I am hopelessly addicted. Our spring has been cold and dreary. One of the first days after we got the phones, we finally had some nice weather, so I took some pictures of my drive to/from work. I drive 18-20 miles to work one way, depending on which variation of back roads I decide to use that particular day. It takes me, ironically, about 18-20 minutes to drive to work. I know folks in the cities who drive 45 minutes to go 6 miles every day. Be that as it may, although I sometimes deal with blowing and drifting, or deer on the roads, I really do enjoy my drive. I have the radio, cd or ipod to myself, and 20 minutes all my own, twice a day. We do get all four seasons, even though it seems like winter stays the longest, and every one is beautiful around the lake.

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Cliff said...

I get 'pithy' too but it's usually after some meeting I didn't want to go to in first place. :}
It would seem you could stop for a picnic anywhere along your route. Pretty stuff to look at.