24 July 2001

For those of you who I haven't pestered with links to this blog, a small introduction is in order. You can find a little bio on my web page (which doesn't exist in this form anymore) Eventually I'll figure out how to put links and stuff in here, but the whole reason I started using this instead of writing and posting my own pages was KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID. I can go into Home Page and piddle all I want with gizmos if I'm in a gizmo mood.
So I have a day off! Yay. Probably spend a good hunk of it visiting my grandpa in the hospital. He's 82 and has been failing slowly over the past few years. Then I can catch up on housework. Yuck. In between times I have to cram in some work on the variety show. I need to start peppering the town with posters. Low budget is the key here, so there will be a rash of 8 1/2 by 11 posters until I can scrape together some funds for a print run.
So, this is Minnesota, lets talk about the weather. I'm sure my friend John will cover it in his blog, but we may not share viewership, and the weather there usually follows the weather here by about 4-6 hours, unless the wind is doing something weird, so ya heard it here first, then. It's cooling off. As much as I love the hot weather, I like to be able to breathe, too, and the humidity lately has been nasty. We're getting a little break from both for a few days.
My husband is sitting behind me, grumbling and acting like he actually wants to use the computer for work or something silly like that. Ta for now!

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