24 July 2001

Well, looky there. With a little coaching, I got in and fiddled with the html in my template and stuck in some links to my buddies. And my husband. He's my buddy, too. Usually.
Went to see Grampa in the Marshall hospital. Not good. For those of you not familiar with my story, my dad died very young, my mom was sick and in a nursing home, so I went to live with my sister until the day I turned 18 and then ran like hell. My best friend's family took me in, and they have been my "folks" ever since. This Grampa is "Ma's" dad. He was always a good one for a joke, and fun to be around. They helped me move to college in their hometown and always came to my rescue if I had a car problem. He looks sad and tired and very pale. He's had a hard time for the past 8 years or so, one health problem after the other, and it's catching up to him.
I bribed my kids to clean their room today. I am a bit frustrated that I have to resort to bribery. I am working very hard at leading by example. I come from a long line of poor housekeepers, and every homemaking skill I have I've learned from Ma or picked up by myself. I don't expect to have a perfect house, but I'd like not to be embarrassed if people drop in unexpectedly.
I do talk about interesting things now and then, and not just housework and drudgery. I have some pretty relevant opinions, by gosh, and if you're not careful I might just tell you some of them.
Well, there is an adorable little blondie, whom I let nap too long today, chirping away beside me, and I'd be a fool to sit here at this keyboard when I could be giving her some attention. I'll be back on the morrow.

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