25 July 2001

Wow. What a day. A gentleman where I work fell today. He kinda sat down hard, and landed on his elbows. He said, "I'm OK." So I reached down to help him up, at which point he lay back, and quit breathing. I called the ambulance, and by the time they arrived, he had snapped out of it and wondered what all the fuss was about. The fuss was, you turned up your toes and lay upon the deck, dude. Yikes. After all was said and done and I had a chance to sit down and fall apart, I realized something. He made the exact same noises gasping for breath (before he stopped) that my father did. My dad collapsed while making breakfast and died in front of me when I was 13. The look on his face was the same, too. Too twilight zone for me. I don't know what point I'm trying to make here. I'm coming off really "drama queen", which serves no useful purpose I can think of. Geez, happy the hell up, chick.
Something happy in my life, I'm not in the middle of a divorce. One of Thing 1's little friends was over tonight. I visited with her dad for a little bit when he came to get her. He just sold the family farmsite to make ends meet. He looked so tired, and he gets to spend this weekend moving to town. Gawd, this is a ray of sunshine, too.
I actually got my bike out of the shed tonight, and got out the kiddie seat, still in the box, that I bought last summer. I cracked it open, and got the instructions read. I put all the pieces on the table in the porch. Baby steps. Baby steps. My weight is OK, but I am hopelessly out of shape. I've got a knee goin' bum on me, too. I'm too young to be this old.
In the "at least I'm not as stupid as other people" department, the 6:30 news out of the Twin Cities tonight closed with a little fluff tidbit, stating the government of Australia may be changing some laws to protect people who are too dumb to protect themselves. It seems some folk had pulled their boat alongside the carcass of a whale, jumped onto the carcass (now this is dumb enough) and then bent down to PET the GREAT WHITE SHARKS that were having a feeding frenzy upon said whale. While one of their buddies videotaped. Hubs and I just sat and looked at each other. How stupid are some people? The amazing part was that no-one was eaten. And if they had been, would it have been a media-labelled "tragedy" or a Darwin award?
Well, off to get the kidlets settled down. I need to leave the office. Husband made a fresh pot of coffee, and it smellss SOOO good, and there's real cream in the friddge, and if I have some I won't sleep well tonight. Found out the hard way last night. Good night and God Bless America. :)

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