27 July 2001

(Should be titled, The Saga Begins...)
The Lord does move in mysterious ways. Hubs has always wanted to host a foreign exchange student, as his family did that when he was in school. I'm all for it, I was an exchange student with ISE. It was a short program, only went for 2 weeks, but it's still amazing what you can learn. We figured we'd host later on when we'd crawled out of debt a bit, and we're a little less strapped for cash. However, last night we get a call from a friend at church who works with IE. They needed emergency placement for a Brazilian boy. Yikes, I'm gonna be a momma. So we'll be rearranging the guest room a bit, and cleaning like mad, as he's due to arrive next week. I s'pose I'd better go get at it. This oughta be fun.

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