31 July 2006

A break in the weather

Amazing when the temp can drop 10 degrees in half an hour and it's STILL hot. Taking a cue from Miss Bossy I decided to be entirely too productive on such a hot day, and moved furniture around. Since our Little Dutch Girl went home, the kids have wanted to swap up rooms, but never clean them. I hovered over them to get the job done today, while gleaning toys and clothes for the church rummage sale in the process. I simply bagged up everything in one bedroom, and shoved it into the extra room, where I will (make the kid) deal with it one bag at a time, at my leisure. Then I moved William into the room, which is primary colors, so all his toddler toys and Superman stuff fits right in. Nothing gets taken into the room without immediately finding a home. The excess will either go in the dumpster or on the rummage sale. I got most of the big work done today, now I can do the rest in little bites.
I moved things downstairs, but never poked my head outside until about 20 minutes ago, when I took the poor old crib out to the junk trailer. The breeze has kicked up, and there are stormd rolling in from the Dakotas. I am now ready to flop upon the couch with a water bottle and watch the Twins. Hope your night is as pleasant (unless they piss this eight-run lead down their collective leg, in which case I hope your night is better).


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

WAIT..it has dropped 10 degrees..no way..its still about 214 here..no joke:)

Gette said...

98 at 6:30. 88 at 7:30. Twins 15, Rangers 2. Woot!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

go Tigers..

oh wait they arent playing are they?

btw, the atigers are gonna whomp the twins this weekend..

( i think they are playing)