30 July 2006

It's not the heat, it's the humanity...

Enough to make a good German girl like me say "Uffda!"

Statement as of 4:40 AM CDT on July 30, 2006

... Heat advisory in effect from noon today to 8 PM CDT Monday...

The National Weather Service in Twin Cities/Chanhassen has issued
a heat advisory... which is in effect from noon today to 8 PM CDT

.Hot... Humid weather is expecte to continue into Monday evening
with day time heat indices between 105 and 108 both this afternoon
and again on Monday afternoon across a broad stretch of central
and southern Minnesota along with part of western Wisconsin. The
comination of these two very warm days... along with expected low
temperatures on Monday morning around 77 to 78 will make this a
very dangerous period for those unprepared for the heat.

Really isn't so bad for me, but to listen to everyone moan about it. The extreme heat in this part of the country usually doesn't last more than a few days at a stretch, and usually nor more than a total of a couple weeks. Same with the really bitter cold, but you inevitably get choruses of "Cold enough for ya?" that last longer than the cold does.

I managed to weasel an extra half-day off for some family TLC time. Multiple project deadlines and hectic work schedules are making for a bit of stress hereabouts. Hopefully we can just stay out of the studio altogether today and just chill the heck out (literally as well as figuratively). I think we'll sit inside and watch movies and pray the heat doesn't knock out a power station somewhere. Got fridge, got AC, got fans, need power!

I'm off now to wait for the rest of the family to get home from church (I am Not Skipping; I just got off work!) Enjoy your weather wherever you are.

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Kelly said...

I think the heat here is bad...but heard that you have it much worse out your way! Thank the Lord for AC! I almost felt guilty cleaning house last night in a sweatshirt. Hubby gets a little crazy with the central air! :) Enjoy your family time today!