21 July 2006


It has been unusually quiet hereabouts. I packed Things 1 and 2 off to church camp on Monday. Things 3 and 4, while remaining busy, have been surprisingly well-behaved. They do frequently drag neighborhood children through the house while Hubs and I are in various stages of consciousness and undress (unfortunately never at the same time, as tasty as that fodder would be for juicy blogging {how far can I carry this metaphor, anyway?}). The poor neighbor kids must think this is the naked grouchy parents' house.
I have started to hear cicadas on a regular basis. It always makes me slightly sad. I associate that noise with the end of summer, yet it feels like summer's barely begun.
We're gearing up for a fairly unremarkable weekend here as well. I'll be working downtown. We may be in for a busy weekend at the bar, as the now-annual "Battle of the Bands" is Saturday, and they managed to book Little River Band for the finale act. LRB songs really make me feel my age. I remember most of them from K-Tel compilation album commercials. We'll probably see more than our fair share of Lonesome Losers in the Bar after the concert. Sunday after church will be a quick drive to the lake to fetch the absent Things home, perhaps with a drive through Willmar to visit Target boutique. Now, in the remaining time I have before I head for the den of not-quite-so-much-iniquity I call Job 1 (for real iniquity, head to the other end of main street, we're pretty tame on the north side) I need to get something accomplished around the house to bolster my own feelings of self-worth. Or something.


Kelly said...

I agree that summer seems to be going much too quickly! Have fun at work and try to find time to embrace what summer days we have left!

Carterocks said...

I still think It's a Long Way There to fall although I have to say Your're Driving Me Out of My Mind with all this talk about a Cool Change.

I mean really, Take it Easy on Me.

Listen to me, Lady, Help is On Its Way. I find one of the best ways for delaying the end of summer is to spend some time Reminiscing about all of the Happy Anniversarises, Lonesome Losers and The Other Guys we've met along the way.

I could go on with this post but I think 10 is enough.

Gette said...

I bow to the all-powerful Lord of Obscure musical references (at least for today). Jeez laweez, I was trying to figure out how to top three Loverboy references in one week and ya blew me outta the water.

Jim said...

I just came from Cliff's blog and your comment. I went to high school in Tekamah and later I dated a girl from Tecumseh.
Tekamah is forty or so miles north of Omaha, Tecumseh is fifty +/- miles south and west of Omaha.
Was wondering about your knowledge of Tecumseh?

Gette said...

My mom was a resident in the Tecumseh nursing home from 1987-89. Aside from my brother being stationed at Offut (sp?) for a few years,the only tie to Nebraska was the fact that the Tecumseh nursing homewas owned by the same corporation as the one in Hawarden, IA. She was a ward of the state of IA and got bounced around wherever there was an open bed. Nursing homes had a hard time with her Huntington's Disease, and frequently shipped her out to the state hospital, then wouldn't take her back.