24 July 2006

Some days you're the hamster, some days you're the wheel

In the "WTF was I thinking?" department, I am having a BLAST doing the Shakespeare thing, but I am already sick of the driving. Side note: for those of you readers who are LHS alum, if you checked out the MND pics in the previous Shakespeare post, you may recognize one or both of the Dan Smiths in the photos.
Word on the street is that the Battle of the Bands fell far short of breaking even. Sad to say, the fine townfolk where I work are not known for supporting community events. Not that the Goose Capitol of the USA is so much better, but when we did try to put together a 125th celebration a couple years back, people at least supported us by showing up.
guess this one is short and pithy, but its back to Job 1 in the morning, and more bard by night. Hey, that'd make a good band name: Bard by Night. I'll jot that one down with Skeeter Freak and Ethereal Teeth for consideration when I decide to go big time. Maybe I'll just stick with the All-Jones We're Better Than You Band.


Cliff Morrow said...

Hi Gette, thanks for the visit. Tecumseh is in southeast Nebraska and Tekamah is half way between Omaha and Sioux City very close to the Missouri River.
Break a leg.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

battle of the bands?...why wasnt I invited to such shannigans?

Gette said...

You could have come over in yer uniform and pretended to be "event security" and gotten an extra-special backstage pass.
Next time, speed over thisaway and we'll have a cold one. Someday when we're both not working two jobs. We can trade pastor's wife in training stories.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

you just may be onto something..I am heading on over..just dont know where I am going..haha