18 May 2007


Life in my comfy rut plods along as per usual. The end of the school year is approaching at a frightening rate. One of the signals of this is dance recital, which happens tomorrow. Firestorm is the official videographer of said event, but this year, the Minnesota Scottish Fair unfortunately moved to the same weekend. iPastor is the regional commissioner or grand poobah or whatever of the Minnesota chapter of Clan MacDougallso his loyalties were a bit divided. He swapped labor with one of our trusty occasional camera ops, and will head off to the Fair while someone else runs the cam for once. I won't have to run a camera either, so for the first time in seven years, I will not have to watch the show through a viewfinder. Cool. Now I have to buy a ticket...
Nina seems to be responding well to chemo. She was almost her normal self last week at church. She still has a long road ahead, but hopefully it will all go this well.
With that, I leave you to go get all the little dancers settled in for their beauty rest. G'nite!

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KrazyMom said...

Hope the recital went well. You will have to post some pictures! Glad to hear that Nina is keeping well. Enjoy your weekend!