26 May 2007

It's always something...

A couple of weeks ago we had planned a visit to Omaha for a graduation. We would also drop in on Cliff on the way. A couple unexpected bills made us have to cancel the trip. This weekend, friends of our are camping at the state park near my hometown. We were going to "camp" at grandma's (HDTV and beds inside: my kind of camping), join our friends to visit and play at the park, and get down to the cemetery to decorate. iPastor has been battling an ear infection for two weeks. I had hoped he would be feeling better for the trip, but not so much. Then yesterday I woke up with a fever/chills/ache/nausea version of the crud that's going around. So we will spend out weekend at home instead. We're both feeling a bit better, but still not up to travel and socialization. We have a couple of graduation parties to visit, but those can be short & sweet. Maybe we'll get something else done around here. One kid wants to play musical rooms again, so we'll maybe get her settled in.


Another to file under "C"

"Pick up your lizard and put it away."


Well, you all enjoy your holiday weekend, hopefully without driving up the demand for gas. That means no RVing, boating, plowing, four-wheelers, wet jets or NASCAR. Have fun with that.


KrazyMom said...

Hope you are all on the mend! With these horrid gas prices, we are staying home too. Now if it would just stop raining I might be able to get something accomplished in the yard!

Your "C" files crack me up! Sounds like our place during daycare! At least the kids keep us laughing.

Cliff Morrow said...

I see that you and I enjoy the same kind of camping.
If you camp here in July I can offer a bed and breakfast w/ac,2Q's(the K is mine) and hdtv. Food that runs all the way from 1 star to 5 star depending on the availability of time and planning.
Sorry about the disapointments tho, I know the kids must not have been happy non campers.
Have a good holiday!