24 August 2008

Putzy and weird

Spent most of the day with family cleaning and sorting at MIL's house. It was kinda fun (to hang with the fam), kinda weird and creepy (to be sorting her stuff).
When we moved into our big old house from our tiny little one, people kept assuming we had lots more room and giving us stuff. I've been slowly disposing of extra stuff for years. Now I have to rearrange everything to make room for some of MIL's stuff. We're still gonna have one heck of a rummage sale...


Jeff said...

We had to clean out an uncle's house recently. We rented a large dumpster and overfilled it with all his old, rotten and useless junk. But you're right, it IS weird dealing with that and making those decisions.

Jamie Dawn said...

We sure do acquire lots of stuff, don't we?
And then adding your MIL's stuff to the mix just makes it challenging to find places for it all.
I hope your family is doing well.