21 August 2008

Slightly better

We got a bit done around the house today, so I feel slightly better about that. I still feel like a nasty old bear, though, because I could not get my kids to stay on task for anything and it always ended badly. I am stressing over the amount of stuff I need to get done before school starts for me next week, and the amount of stuff we still need to do for MIL's estate, and a lack of synchronicity with anyone in my family. Everyone seems to have a different set of priorities, and though most of them are valid, they don't always coincide. Poop. Guess I'll just keep plugging.


Cliff said...

I'd be afraid to help anyone who used 50 cent words too.
You'd never be able to please them. :)

Jeff said...

Can you imagine? Our kids not having the same priorities as us? ;b

MamaMichelsBabies said...

Poop is right. It's my word of the day in fact.

Take a day off Mom, let yourself rest a bit and the next day things won't seem like such a mountian, and even if they do, your in the right mind set to do it.