23 August 2008

So over that

Today I worked my last shifts at Job 1 and Job 2. Monday I start teacher workshops. Woot!


Bebemiqui said...

I'm so psyched for you...I'm looking forward to the day when I can hit the classroom again. Thanks for saying hi, I've neglected my PW online friends lately.

Jamie Dawn said...

When I first read this, I thought you were talking about the book of Job in the Bible. I guess it's just my holy mind at work, always contemplating the things of God.
:-) Yes, I'm a silly one!!
Now, I get it.
Woo Hoo!!! So glad you got rid of those jobs and are taking steps towards teaching.

nora said...

I don't know how you were doing it all this time.
Those students are lucky to have you as a teacher.