14 August 2008

Thursday 13

Thirteen Things I want to do/finish before the end of Summer...
1. Course Paperwork
2. Pay for school so I can get my degree sent!
3. Go to the State Fair at least once, maybe more depending on competition results.
4. Go to the Science Museum for Thing 3's Christmas Trip (Each Thing got to choose a special trip of their own for a Christmas gift. Less clutter...)
5. Go to Valleyfair for Thing 1's Christmas Trip
6. Knock out syllabi for each class I teach.
7. Finish cleaning out MIL's house
8. Get the lawn and flowerbeds tamed into submission.
9. Cut down more dead trees
10. Go to Lifelight!
11. Use up the bulk pool tickets I bought my kids!
12. Have a weekend off that's not all planned up.
13. Sleep in!

I have a feeling some of these will bleed into the fall, or not get done at all, but a gal can dream.
Now it's off to work.


Monday through Sunday said...

I will miss the sleeping in part. Although, with five children..sleeping is 8 am. :)

yasmin said...

Happy TT and enjoy #13!
Fellow TT Participant

Alice Audrey said...

My local pool let me put the punch pass in a card file they kept, then threw the pass out! I'm still steemed.

Use your bulk ticket soon!

MamaMichelsBabies said...

You are quite um... ambitious... and highly energetic.

Wanna bring some of that this way, I got a little flower garden in bad need of weeding.. but I won't. Because I can't remember which ones are actual flowers and which ones are weeds. How sad is that?

Good luck.. especially the sleeping in part, with that list I don't see any sleeping happening!