13 December 2008

Calm before the storm

The forecast for the next couple of days is not pretty, and like typical Minnesotans, everyone went shopping today.
My knowledge bowl team headed out for a new meet, and remained firmly in the middle of the pack. The power team graduated last year, and our potential remains untapped to its best advantage. The kids really seem to be having a blast, though, so it is all good.
iPastor and I are planning dinner and a show with another couple tonight. A grownup night out with no kids! I don't know quite what to do with myself... Might see some old friends in our college town (where we're headed for the evening's festivities) so who knows what the evening will bring. The weather is supposed to move in late tonight, so we should have plenty of time for fun before heading home for safety.


Jeff said...

Did you end up getting much? We have about 6" up here. And, I only had to stop and fix my snowblower 2 times!

That's good, right?

Cliff said...

I hope it isn't too deep there and that you keep it up there.
Glad to hear you got to do a night out.
If your knowledge kids are having fun I predict good things in the future for them.

Ralph said...

Glad you had a night out before the weather moved in. It moved in here as well this morning the streets were snowpacked and the temperature was - 16, wind chill factor was minus 34. Yes, I am ready for Spring.