17 December 2008


iPastor upgraded to a swell new Macbook a couple of months ago, and handed me down the old ibook. It is pretty nice still, despite the fact that we've had it since 2003 or 4 or something, which means its age is 265 in computer years. At the end of the summer I moved my stuff from my old iMac to MIL's Mini. About the time I was settled in there, I got the ibook and moved files again. Now, the hard drive is sounding decidedly tired and groany, so I am burning backup disks in hopes of avoiding a loss of data should it finally give up the ghost. I think mama needs to go shopping. Just wish mama had more money.


Jen - Queen of Poo said...

After my recent experience with malware, you'd think I'd be smart and have everything backed up. Not. :-P

Jeff said...

Hopefully you learned a little something from my clicking harddrive that quickly died. I still haven't been able to recover that data :-(

Gette said...

It was you I WAS THINKING OF! Oops. Caps.