25 December 2008

Merry Christmas

We had a lovely Christmas Day with iPastor's dad and the steps. Good food, good family, good fun.

Things playing with the adorable nephew/cousin, current baby of the clan. Somebody else needs to get busy makin' babies for us aunties to mash on. We've had our turn. Luckily there are stepbrothers and older nephews to produce more.

He's too sexy for this cousin.

Requisite monkey pile in grandpa's big chair.

iPastor brought along the new toy to share with the fam. We ate lots and talked lots and had a lovely time.

Hope your Christmas was as nice.


Jeff said...

Lots of smiles... my favorite kind of gathering. Yes, we had a very nice Christmas too. Thanks!

HT said...

Love the glasses--Griff looks so intelligent. :)

Now we want a wii!!!

Miss ya!