08 June 2005

Boom boom boom boom

I am writing out of sheer habit of sitting at the computer with my coffee. I have no internet service at the moment, and I don’t know quite what to do with myself.
Storms rolled through last night, loud, nasty windy ones. We had a substantial power outage for the first time since we bought this house. It went out about 1:30 this morning and came on sometime around 7:30. The freezer items are still stiff, but we lost a lot of the fuzz off the freezers. The only other time we lost power here was when the Granite Falls tornado took out a station upline, but they had us rerouted and back up and running within 20 minutes or so.
Kyle and I went patrolling window, lit some candles and found the flashlight (where it belonged, for once!) and sat listening to the radio and enjoying the show. I got to use my makeshift daybed on the porch and watch the clouds and lightning pass over to the east. When all the streetlights are out, it’s amazing how far light travels. There was very little traffic during the brunt of the storm, but when a car did come, especially the sheriff with his spotlight, you could see the light in he trees and on the street for a long time.
The windows in this house are so old and brittle that they fall out of the panes and crack if you look at them too hard, but they all stood up to 75 mph wind last night. I may have to go out and take a peek at the shingles.
One of the trees I was planning to take out anyway snapped in half and landed very nicely between the house and the shed. I was quite impressed God took the time to do that for me with everything else keeping Him so busy these days. Now I’ll be able to take the rest of that one out myself and not hire a tree service. Yay!
It has been so wet. Sunday was the first sunny day in a while, and we did not take the opportunity to mow. Storms rolled through Monday night as well, but we probably could have mowed by evening time yesterday. We didn’t, of course, and then this storm drenched us again. So far it’s just cloudy out, but we’ve been so thoroughly soaked at this point I’m starting to grow fins. I checked the weather channel Monday; it was partly cloudy that day, then every day until next Tuesday had showers or thunderstorms in the forecast to some degree. I’ll go check on TV in a bit, assuming we have cable. The cable and internet have some sort of partnership here in town, but I don’t think they’re actually the same company.
I still haven’t found my weed whip, so I’ll call in the cavalry. Once it dries out I can mow a fair amount of the yard, but the building lines look like jungle.
The internet is back now, so I’ll post and be done with it. Then I’ll get to work…
PS. Watch this space for address changes. Kyle discovered a blogging app on the hosting package from ou ISP, so I may give that a whirl. Or I may leave well enough alone. Who knows. He may actually write again soon.

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