03 June 2005

More of the same

Had to battle a slow sewer drain again this morning. Luckily, today I was alerted to the slowage in the floor drain by the nice clean overflow from the water softener cycling, so we were able to avert any nastiness. This time Mark was able to knock the drain loose with just the hand snake, so it was quick and cheap.
Got a little more purging of junk done today. Since Mark was in his "handy" clothes already, he fixed a couple of drawers and installed a new screen door for me. Slow and steady around here. Hopefully we will get Geordi moved into her own room next week, then finish painting the hall. Then begins the scary basement cleaning project. I want to clean and beautify the basement as much as possible without any structural work, so we can move the arcade down there but have it be nice enough to actually use. We've been slowly moving junk out of storage. The goal is to pare down from four storage rooms to two, so we can use the others for games and actual shop space. Tedious work, that. Now off to bed so I can get at it in the morning again.

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