15 June 2005

Zombie rock

Night shift last night. Blearg. I actually felt pretty good all night, up until about 45 minutes to the end of the shift. I had a decent nap, but it always seems to take longer to get up and running when my schedule goes wonky.
I picked up a home health client as well
I have all sorts of grand plans to be productive this week. I pulled Geordi's carpet out and put it on the clothesline, fully aware of the weather forecast for 7 days of rain (which turned out to be 9/10 days of rain). However. It's old, hand me down carpet, and I felt rain and fresh air would be just fine before we set up her new room. We now have a forecast of 7 days of sunshine, so I should be able to get it back in soon.
The little projects around here pile up and intimidate me, but I keep plugging a little at a time, and try not to get down.
I should be off and running by now. Just one more cup of coffee...

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