11 June 2005


The aforementioned change of address is coming, but everything is now usurped by the Dance Extavaganza!!! Not only do I have 3 kids dancing in 2 shows today, but Firestorm Films is the Official Videographer of Puttin' on the Ritz Dance Studio, so we will be on camera for 6 hours, and Kyle will be editing for at least 3 weeks (37 dancesx4 camerasx2shows=hell). Blech. Coffee, tylenol and valium will become commodities here.
Now I have girls showering so I can do their hair, so I'd best get at it. Grandma normally does it, but her arthiritis gave her problems on picture day, so she bowed out. She's been doing it since the 12-year-old was three, so I think she's ready for a break. Off we go like a herd of (really cute and frilly) turtles.

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