01 June 2005

Need to rest from vacation...

Our weekend at Grandpa and Grandma D's lake condo can be deemed a success. The weather changed frequently, and we had our share of rain, but we had games, a DVD player, and an indoor pool that the kids were in and out of on an hourly basis. The girls spent a lot of time catching sunnies on the dock and commandeering the paddleboat when the clouds weren't dumping on us, and the sun was out for longer and longer periods as the weekend wore on. Sand was played in and boat rides were taken. My brother also found reason to question the sensibility of riding on the tube behind the boat on his stomach.
We finally found someone with a baby as good-natured as ours have been. Little Izzy (as the kids have dubbed her) was smiley and content for most of the weekend. Austin is a little card. He's every inch of four and showed great patience with the attention showered on him by his youngest female cousin. She was tickled with having someone littler to play with for a change, and unfortunately latched onto poor Austin.
Right now I have a happy giggly little boy here demanding my attention, so you kind people will just have to wait.

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