28 August 2006

Argh! State Fair part 1

Yet another twit at work quit with no notice or call, and left a schedule full of hours to fill, so here I am working nights again. At least I get call-in pay. I hope it comes out of her check. I actually really like the night shift at my job. It's peaceful, the pace is easy, I do quiet things like cook and bake. I just hate doin' it in the middle of the night.
The state fair trip was soggy indeed. For most of the day we simply ducked into a building when it looked like rain was coming, and it worked pretty well. The kids got on their rides, they saw the sights and did the activities that really mattered to them. We had our neighbor's Hungarian exchange student, Albert, along for good measure. My neighbor works for the state Extension service, so "fair" and "fun" do not go together in her vocabulary. We would not want a foreign visitor to miss out on such an integral part of the Minnesota experience, however, so we have taken their students along on more than one occasion.
When we first entered the fairgrounds, we found the new Miracle of Birth Barn, around the corner from its old location and bigger than before. We strolled in to check it out, and were greeted by a laboring cow with protruding calf bits on the big screen. That was more of a cow than I cared to know, so we moved hastily on. I think the concept is awesome, especially for city dwellers who have no concept of the livestock life cycle, but I hung around enough friends' farms when I was younger to get a good feel for animal husbandry. No need to view it for recreational purposes. Thing 2 wanted to make a beeline for Little Farm Hands, but we had to make a couple dry building detours en route. Once we took care of that, it was time to check out rides until we got a rain squall, so we ducked into the Home Depot tent and built things. We took a couple laps in the trolley and checked out the Mutual of Omaha Wild Kingdom trailer. Animatronic Marlin Perkins, but no Jim Fowler. He was out wrestling hippos while Marlin was safe in the trailer, I guess, as always. No respect.
I have now lost the last half of this post TWICE, and am about to scream in frustration. **(&&*(&!!! Blogger!
To Be Continued when I am calm...


Cliff Morrow said...

If you get the videos up, I'll give you a purple ribbon!! Can't beat that with a stick now can you. So...take a deep breath and continue. "Strike any key to continue" (or keyboard)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

hmm, we are going saturday..

but now your scaring me..

Gette said...

What's making you nervous, birthing cows or bad weather? ;)