25 August 2006

We have a winner

We are back from our foray to the State Fair, a bit damp around the edges but Thing 1 is victorious. I'll say only that I think I jinxed myself blogging about that storm, but I found out from one of the entertainment crew that it is the stuff of SF legend. Details and pictures later, I am shot, and a bit soggy, still.


Britmum said...

O.k. so it has nothing to do with my background? LOL

Take care

Gette said...

The bright shiny colors actually woke me up!

Cliff Morrow said...

I'll check back for the pics. State Fairs are a tradition in our family.
I thought your recounting of a previous trip below was a delightful well written blog. Thanks. I felt like I was there. Now I'm going to find my wife's hair dryer.

Kelly said...

Congrats to Thing 1! Will check back for pics!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

we are going next weekend, that is if i dont get called to work..

the weather yesterday was scary..all them tornaodes and stuff..

i will be back to see the pics..