09 August 2006

Here's a couple honkers for you

Meet the neighbors. Kinda noisy, and they bring about 100,000 of their friends by for a big party every fall.

Been busy here at the Casa del Goose. Getting ready for church block party, including rummage sale, so that's led to closet cleaning and other fun stuff. Nice to get done, tho. I've been avoiding the Mac and its time sink in order to keep making progress. More posting when the weekend is done. Whew.


Britmum said...

Oh my I love your honkers. They are adorable.

Is it o.k. if I link you to my blog?

Take care

Kelly said...

They may be noisy, but they look so sweet!

Gette said...

Sweet maybe, but we get neck deep in goose poo around here.