20 August 2006

More big wieners

Thing 1 is now officially representing Swift county at the Minnesota State Fair. I managed to get her in on the same day as her little sister-Rock! The Thing that didn't place in Chippewa County earned 2nd in her division, and the mom who placed 2nd in Chippewa got squat. Good competition, however, but I'm cranky that they placed entrants with backing vocals on their music (a big state fair no-no) even though they did not win. I'm mostly just jealous because there are a bunch of other songs I would have done if I had not stuck to the rules myself. Heck, I'll take a little cash and a pass on the State Fair trip. I'll post a little blog-alogue of our Fair trip.
Now, to do some directing of the Things in the Sunday-evening-before-garbage-pickup Opera. A typical scene:

Me: "Start collecting the garbage cans to go out."
Things: Silence
sound fx: Crickets chirping

Repeat at increased volume until I am screaming and the Things are wailing in misery.
Such fun.


Carterocks said...

To rip off a slogan from our youth, "I want my MP3s!"

So adding audio or video to a blog is WAY beyond my technical expertise. But it would be fun to hear the talent online!

Britmum said...

Oh dear!!