16 August 2006

Media overload

So I'm sitting here with internet radio on iTunes, local broadcast radio on the daily "freebie" show, surfin' the net, Kyle watching History channel on the other side of the room. My head assplode. Now the freebie show is over, so I can take one stimulus out of the mix. No wonder our stress level is so high.
Well, the church block party went off despite the weather, but we were rather disappointed with how much of the community did NOT bother to come out and support us, despite the weather. We are thankful for all who did come, but have decided not to do it again next year. We'll put our efforts elsewhere.
Now I suppose I should write thank you notes...
We're winding summer down hereabouts. Trying to get schedules set so we don't panic when the bus starts coming at 6:55 in the blessed a.m. I've been doing laundry nonstop, trying to catch up on backlog, as well as examine who needs what and what doesn't fit anymore. My children are blessed with loads of family that loves to buy them clothes. Gotta learn to let go of some of it, even if it does fit, just to make room in the closet. Someone else can enjoy it. Well, better get back at it.


Britmum said...

Wow thats early to be catching the bus.

It has nearly killed me this week trying to get up at 7am for school. I am so tired and having a husband that couldn't sleep last night didn't help matters.

Enjoy sorting through your clothes. Always a tedious job. LOL

Take care

Kelly said...

My child would be late every day if we had to catch the bus that early!! She is the last one on her bus and school doesn't start until 9:00! :) Guess we should count our blessings!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

when do u guys start school?..we dont start till the 5th..i think the whole state does right?..maybe not..

my kids bus dont come till 8:10 am..

mine would have to be home schooled if i had to get up that early just go get them on the dang bus..

well i am leaving soon...have a good week and weekened..