26 September 2006

Hippo Birdies to Me!

I survived the busy busy weekend relatively unscathed. While I did the two-job thing, Hubs cracked the whip on the Things and the house was pretty well picked up. We had a quick red alert on the floors Sunday after church, because Hubs invited his folks over. I couldn't complain because they were coming to give me presents. So all I've had to do this past couple of days is patrol the house to keep it from backsliding.
After presents, and watching the Vikings snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, I wandered outside and got the firepit going, and we didn't put it out until after 10. Got a little bit of my brushpile cleaned out, but more of the chunk of neighbor's tree that fell Saturday. It was really old and dry, so it got good and hot and we could feed in the wet stuff of mine that sat in the rain all week. We chatted with neighbors and friends and ate junk food, and had a lovely time.
Yesterday was a big fat day of nothing, but it was kind of nice. Aside from the aforementioned upkeep, Hubs and I got a little time to just knock back and chat. Later, we took Thing 4 for a drive around the lake, let him throw rocks in the water and play at the rec area playground. It was a lovely lazy day. I could use more of those. Unfortunately, I could feel a cold coming on all day as well. So far it is not as bad as I feared it would get, knock wood and all that. I just keep pounding fluids, blowing my nose and washing my hands. I'll save meds for when I have to go back out in public.
I have vowed not to spend my birthday with my butt glued to the chair in front of the Mac, so I am off to do something productive. What I haven't quite figured out yet, but Thing 4 wants some watermelon, so I guess we'll start there.


Cliff Morrow said...

Fire pit eh? I gotta get one of those.
Happy Birthday to you. And many more. And at your age you should have many more. Such a child.
Thanks for the visit!!

Carterocks said...

Well, Happy Birthday!

For a minute I mis-read Cliff's post and thought he was wishing you many more children and I thought that was quite the birthday wish.

But I re-read his post and realized that he is simply wishing you many more happy birthdays. I'll second that wish.

Gette said...

Cliff, you may have what you need at your disposal already. We had a cistern that needed to be filled anyway, and it had a perfect concrete ring that sticks up about 8" from the earth. We filled it with about 9 yards of sand and started building fires in it.

Carter, Thanks!

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday! You wouldn't want to hear me sing to ya..'tis much better this way! Hope you had fun.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

oh crap..HAppy Birthday girl..

I hope it was a good one sweety..

so how young r u?

U.N. Mama said...

Thanks for stepping by my blog. I am really enjoying life in MN. Much more peaceful really than central FL.

Britmum said...

We love our fire pit except that it has been to bloody hot to use it. We love to make smores around it.

Happy Birthday to you although I now realise it is belated but its better late than never. LOL

Take care xx