08 September 2006

Picture Time!!

Yesterday when I went for coffee with Bossy, I noticed while I was taking pictures that my screen read "full memory" so I thought I was using too much resolution and had filled 'er up. I did not realize my kids had filled my camera with a bunch of schlock pictures of things like toast, table legs and the cat. So, none of my coffee pics turned out, so I stole these brazenly from Bossy's site for those of you who don't go there. But you should. She's a hoot.
She snuck this one in while I was cleaning grunge of Thing 4. It's my new desktop.

Thing 4 and Boo Bee driving somewhere. Dunno where they're goin', but they're cute as heck getting there.

Blogger is bein' poopy about pics, so I'll start a new post with the rest.


Bossy♥'s YOU said...


glad u like that one of you and your lil one..i like it too...if u want the color version let me know and i can mail it to you..

Kelly said...

Glad you had a chance to meet Bossy! She's a wild child, isn't she? Hasn't changed a bit since school!

Your pics are cute. They look so sweet playing.