03 September 2006

I'm too young to be this old

It's the morning after an all-day, outdoor, alcohol-free concert, and I feel like I've been on a three-day bender. Here and here are a couple of stories that describe the conditions as well as I can. All the walking, fresh air, and requisite jumping around has left me feeling like whipped puppy. By the time we got there, the clouds had broken up, and it was partly cloudy and pleasant, if you could deal with mud, and lots of it. You could tell we were in farm country; there were plenty of folks of all ages wearing barnyard work boots. No dummies there. There were also plenty of bare feet. It's an impressive setup. We got up close and friendly for Jeremy Camp and Casting Crowns. We had to haul the Things up onto our backs from time to time so they could see, but we were also strategically placded under the jumbotron so they could see when we were tired. An exta 65 pounds of kid will sink you about half an inch deeper into the mud, by the way. The concert was over at approximately 11:15-11:30. We didn't get out of the parking lot until 12:50am. The park is out in farm country that is rolling over to urban sprawl. Parking wound through recently devloped neighborhoods, but there was a pasture full of cows directly to the west of the main stage. I wonder what they thought of all the commotion. The parking lot was obviously in corn relatively recently, telling from the ruts and field stubble under the grass. Bits of shattered sporting clays and rubber shell wadding made me wonder exacly how recently the gun club gave up use of the property, as well.
We're going to enjoy a leisurely dinner with grandparents, then make our way home via Sprawl Mart for school supplies. I'll see how my pictures turned out when I get to my home computer. Have a great Sunday!

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Bossy♥'s YOU said...

what a crappy day for an OUTDOOR concert...

it has not stopped raining since friday..