14 September 2006

A typical Thursday

Some non-sequitr-as-usual observations from around the Casa del Goose:

*Nothing funnier than a three-year-old boy belting our the lyrics ro Barlow Girl's "Never Alone" over milk and cereal at the breakfast table.

*Someone always has it worse than you, and can put your day in perspective in a real quick hurry. Wow.

*I have never lived in Texas, but I will still miss Ann Richards.

*Laundry sucks.

With that, dear interweb, I leave you to go organize my day, and get ready for the final performance of Much Ado, which happens to be a local road show, so I don't even have to haul my butt to Marshall.

See ya after strike.


droppedbaby said...

I caught your performance tonight and it was nothing short of stellar! Great job! I hope you continue to thrill audiences with your timing, feeling, and just overall good acting. I havent seen much Shakespeare in the past, much less understand some of it, but I thought you did a pretty good job of making sense of it all! Nearly the whole cast did a nice job. Thanks again, Beatrice!

Gette said...

Thanks! Now when are you gonna get your blog up and running? Has your name been taken yet?