25 February 2007

And so it came...

My FIL, the weather geek, says we got 10" of snow; neighbor says she heard 16"on the radio. It was plenty. Wet and heavy. Good for the dirt, bad for weak roofs. When iPastor came home from night shift at 6am, the highway had been plowed to one lane, but the streets had not. He's lucky he made it into the yard with that lightweight, low-slung Geo. The neighbors came to blow us out, and as I dug out the wheels, the snow was right up to the frame.
I was awakened by iPastor answering the phone. The neighbor from across town was in Monte waiting for a ride, and couldn't rouse anyone at home. I went out to go check, and quickly determined it would be faster to walk than to try to extricate the vehicles. Walking in wet snow is a better workout than a Stairmaster(tm). Too heavy to shuffle along in, you have to step over. And over. After I got home from waking the neighbor (helps that they have large, loud dogs) I figured I was in for a penny, so I took my dogs for their morning potty. At first they seemed to enjoy a romp in the snow. It wasn't too long before they figured out it was almost as deep as them, and they got tired of jumping.
The forays into the snow weren't half bad. 25 degrees is plenty warm when you're properly clothed and exercising a bit. Happily, it is no longer 25 below zero. This snow will melt relatively soon, and probably be replaced by another blast or two before spring. We do have snow in the forecast most of this coming week, but I don't think in this amount. I had hoped to take pictures, but it would require working up enough gumption to find the camera. And batteries.
Thing 1 is working on a service project. She won a Kiwanis essay contest, telling what she would do for someone if given $100, opting to send some homemade care packages to servicemen in Iraq through anysoldier.com. She's downstairs working on her homemade goodie bags. We suggested she see who else she could get to contribute, so she hit up the local Lions and got another $100. Mama's little capitalist.
Off to finish supper. Monkey brains tonight!


MamaMichelsBabies said...

Hehehe, your a braver and better woman then I... I sent Big Ug out to shovel both cars out... and waved from the window. Hows that for a supportive wife?

Although we did go out last night because I was getting cabin fever being indoors all week with sick kids.. who knew that it would snow 4 inches in a 2 hour period?? Yikes!

katjjames said...

Thanks for the help!

Jane said...

We got the same stuff here "south of the border" For a change, they got the forecast right, although it would not have bothered me if they were wrong this time. Getting ready for Round 2 as I am off to town in a few minutes to get some groceries.