08 February 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Lately Thing 4 has taken to saying he's "afraid" a lot. He is usually afraid of anything he doesn't want to do. For simplicity's sake, this week's list...

Thirteen Things to be afraid of, according to a three year old

1. The dark
2. shoes
3. coat
4. bedtime
5. supper (instead of bananas, which instill no fear whatsoever)
6. mom
7. dad
8. the other Things
9. his toys (instead of the babysitter's toy that he wants to bring home...)
11. sitting up straight
12. bathtime
13. clean pants

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So I'm pretty sick of freezing my fanny, among other things, every time I go outside. The temperature was supposed to creep up into the 20s and 30s by Sunday, now it's been pushed back to next Wednesday. The sun is nice. It's sharp and bright and very pretty, from the inside looking out, anyway.


Waitress gem of the week:

"Is that the only soup you have today?"


"So there's no other soup today?"

I get major bonus karma points for throttling my inner sarcastic witch. It would have been too difficult to choose which reply to use anyway...

"Yeah, we have three, I just said that to annoy you."

"I could run down the street to the store and get you a can."

I even withheld the simple "Are you really such an idiot?" stare, and kept my happy face firmly plastered on.


On other fronts, Job #2 is great. Short shifts, fun people to work with, fun with customers as above and nice ones, too. The major downfall is the reputation this place has for evil desserts and really good food. Not part of the weight loss plan at all. Every day I must calculate something along the lines of, "Did the running I did burn enough calories to justify the chocolate macadamia nut pie?"


I must be off to get things done before I go. It's a two-job day. Ick.


BeckyD said...

My daughter was deathly afraid of spiders, bugs, ants, anything crawly when she was three. Now that she's 7, yeah, she's only slightly less afraid.

Kelly said...

Wow, see I would be fired from a waitressing job. Stupid people piss me off. I don't think I would be able to keep quiet! Find some time to relax and have a drink. As for the weight loss thing...I agree, it sucks! I feel as if I have been hit by a mack truck this week. :)

Cliff Morrow said...

Remember, you could suddenly be hit with a deadly allergic reaction to macadamia nuts or chocolate. So be careful.
My Dr told me that the best thing for weight loss is to not put it into your mouth in the first place. I hate my Dr.
I think if you would warm up we could then warm up. Or better yet shut the door up there. You're letting in the cold from Canada.

Bebemiqui said...

Gosh, I miss the waitressing weight loss program. I had such a nice high metabolism back then...my knees gave out on me though. :0(
I worked at this great greasy diner that had a stupendous pie lady AND these awful deep-fried grilled cheese sandwiches.