24 February 2007

Here it comes...

We've had an abnormally snowless winter here in Minnesota, so now that a three-day storm is on the way, its all people have been talking about all week. We desperately need the moisture, so its a good thing, really. The snow was supposed to start about 2 am, but held off until about 9:30 this morning, after spitting a nasty layer of freezing rain on the ground to slick things up a bit first. At least it was little pellets, and not sheet ice. I'll have to wait until this afternoon to see if I attempt the drive to work. My boss has farther to drive, and goes right past here. Maybe I'll make my drive dependent on whether he makes it. My luck, he'll have stayed over in town.
The girls and I started out with great progress on the house this morning, and are taking a well-deserved break. I should get back to it, however, before I lose my momentum.
Sadly, now that I sit down to address you fine folks, I find myself lacking anything to say, so i'll leave y'all alone and go peruse seed catalogs online. The first seed catalog used to come the week (and once even the day) after Christmas. Since I started looking online, however, I have to go search out the info on my own. I miss having a catalog to tote to the kitchen table or bathroom to peruse at leisure. I'll have to sign up for a mailer to fix that.

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Cliff Morrow said...

Hi Gette, that storm hit here last night and didn't get too carried away on the snow but the wind was enough to shut things off. Our church closed today. Well, I decided to close it last night. I was fearful that the retired interim pastor we have would drive the 50 miles to get here in the storm and make me look bad for not going.
I too had a feeling of overwhelming ambition today. I just sat real still for a while and it went away.