19 February 2007

Road Trip

We're back from going to see Mercy Me in concert last night. The bands were awesome; the trip less so. Kids had attitude, iPastor had little patience for them, and I tried to enjoy myself despite them all, with varying levels of success. I suppose it was about time for a letdown. I usually spend more time planning and fiddling with little trips like this than we actually spend on them. So far, the trips we've taken have turned out fairly well. Guess everyone needs a clunker now and then. I was so stoked for this concert, and the music was all I expected. Could have done without the distractions.
It seems we finally have a break in the weather. Let it climb above freezing and we start acting like it's summer around here. It was 37 degrees today, and we saw shorts and flip flops all over the mall. Most area schools were out so it seemed like a weekend.
Been a little scarce around here lately, but the routine has been mostly the same old work and sleep cycle. Aside from a bum knee kicking up to complicate matters, things have been pretty uneventful.
With that, I'm off to settle the troops in for the night.


Cliff Morrow said...

Glad you got to go even if it was less than hoped for. But at least the music was good.
Yes...here come spring. I awoke to the number 42 degrees projected on my ceiling this morning. A nice break from the constant of the last month of -5 to 2 or 3. Stay safe.

Robin said...

Concerts are never as good as I think they are going to be as far as I'm concerned. They are usually so LOUD - I like to just buy the CD.