28 February 2007

Again with the randomness

More snow on the way. Coming down thick and heavy at the moment. We may have a snow day tomorrow. What some people won't do for a day off work.


I really need a haircut. It's getting to the point where I just work in some gel when it's wet and blow dry it back and out of my eyes, and hope for the best. I've been getting a kind of retro swoop thing going. Last weekend for work I wound up looking like this:
I really need a haircut.


More on the "warping our children" front: Thing 1 asked if we can watch Rocky Horror Picture Show sometime soon. Oh dear.


And finally, an allegory for you. Thing 4 is warming up to the dogs, however, probably because he lives on their level, he notices that they smell like dogs.
"The doggies are stinky!" he announces.
"But we still love them." I reply.
"No, they stinky!" he asserts.
"I still love you even when you're stinky." I remind him (so potty training isn't going so well...)
I take a little pause.
Lately I've been noticing the quote "Your attitude(s) is (are) like the aroma of your heart." The coach in Facing the Giants says it, but I haven't been able to track down his source, and I've seen it popping up elsewhere. I can have some pretty stinky attitudes, but God loves me even when I'm stinky. How lucky we are to be loved unconditionally. We can joyfully accept His love, or scorn and reject it, but is there for the taking no matter what our mood at the moment.


Off to batten down the hatches. Stay safe and warm.

1 comment:

Lainey-Paney said...

It's Balki!!
(spelling on his name????)

So funny to see that picture. I haven't thought about him or that show in years.
funny, funny.

And yes, if you're sporting that do, it's time for a cut!
(please don't hate me for typing that!)