18 July 2008


MIL was very weak and almost fell on me today. I was walking with her so I sat her down on the floor. The hospice nurse was on her way over for a routine visit. The fall did no damage, but she's been very weak, her feet have been swollen, and she's a bit dehydrated, so we ran her to the clinic and the doc opted to admit her. They'll run IVs to try to get the good fluids in and the bad fluids out. It's getting harder to keep her at home. I have been working in elder care long enough that the chores don't phase me, but the house isn't easy to accommodate for her. If she doesn't get stronger we may not be able to keep her at home any longer, which breaks my heart. It will probably be easier on everyone, even her, to find her a place with staff trained to handle her care. Just sucks to think about.


Cliff said...

It's so very sad Gette. Our prayers are with her and all.

On another note, I've been working alone all afternoon by myself. Not having anyone to antagonize I must ask..."So, when does school start?"

Jim said...
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Jim said...

Hi Gette, I am sorry your Mother-in-law isn't doing well. We went through all that with my Mom earlier and Mrs. Jim's not too long ago. It is for their best but that is hard to realize when we know our care would be more loving and perhaps better.

On another subject, I don't know aLEX but I peeked at her blog. Is she really the daughter of Elke Sommer, THE Elke Sommer?

aLeX said...

yeah i was not alone :) *soulsisters*
it'd be awesum if u would have one :) cuz we could link each other and write comments XD..yeah u can has blog...ttyl girl <3